Heather Rose Shea Butter Soap Make It Yourself!

Make this beautiful Heather Rose Shea Butter Soap.... it's very easy. Just go to our tutorial blog (we only post bath and body recipes) at www.howdoimakesoap.com  Happy Soaping!  Christine


It's Naturally Yummy!!!!!

Welcome to the world of Naturally Yummy Bath Products. Naturally Yummy is the brain child of Gwendolyn Hernandez. Gwen is one of the most enthusiastic soap makers you'll ever meet.When she discusses her bath products you can see the joy in what she does. What started as a hobby for Gwen quickly grew into a business. She loves creating great bath products for her customers because she believes that her products are a healthy choice in  skin care.  She feels that her products are constantly evolving because she is always looking for something that excite her customers.

When Gwen started Naturally Yummy she decided her company should have one primary philosophy that would guide her products, to use the finest ingredients she could find that would make outstanding soaps and bath products . Gwen understood that when people buy her products they are trusting her to give them not only a great looking, great smelling bar of soap but also a bar of soap that would create a lasting impression on the skin.Naturally Yummy accomplishes this by using fresh oils,natural botanicals and the finest fragrance and essential oils to make her small handcrafted batches of soap.As you can see from the photos her soaps are influenced by nature herself.

If you can't find Gwen at Farmer's Market,  you'll be able to locate her on her Facebook Page
http://www.facebook.com/NaturallyYummy and at her Etsy Shop


Fort Wayne Fridays Featuring Mama Pears Knits

Look at this adorable hat with that adorable face! Hat from Mama Pears Knits
For the next few Fridays I will be featuring local artists and crafters here in Fort Wayne, IN. My first Friday feature is with Mama Pear's Knits. You can find her wonderful  Etsy Shop Here and her Facebook Page Here I confess. I admire knitters. I am an avid crafter and have been all of my life but knitting eludes me. I takes a great deal of patience and skill that I could never master. That's why I am happy to be writing about Jen. Jen gets my double, no, my triple admiration. She not only knits but she spins her own yarn and runs her business(and takes care of her hubby and three children too!)
Handspun from merino top spinning fiber and knit into a gorgeous scarf
Jen started Mama Pear's Knits after a few friends and family members recommended that she start selling what she made instead of just making gifts for Christmas. At first she thought it was too daunting to even consider, but after a while of knitting and having people asking her to make items, she decided it might be a good idea to try.

So, Mama Pear's Knits was born and Jen has loved the opportunity to learn more knit/crochet techniques and to get to know many other vendors in the same realm. One of the challenges Jen gave herself as a new business owner was to start spinning her own yarn to make higher quality items without breaking the budget. 
Her desire is to give her customers plenty of options and details regarding which fibers/yarns they want while remaining budget friendly. As a homemaker, mother of 3 wonderful kiddies and a wife to an amazing man who has been her support and encouragement through the ups and downs of starting a new business. Jen truly loves what she does and her work reflects her passion.

Please keep up to date with Mama Pear's Knits on Facebook


The Bath Factory

Products from The Bath Factory

The Bath Factory in Hot Springs

They say that entrepreneurs are risk takers. I'm about to introduce you to risk taker Michele Pappagallo.

 Michele is the proud owner of  The Bath Factory. Michele not only took the risk of opening an Etsy shop, but also a retail store. Michele's store is named "THE BATH FACTORY" and is located in the very beautiful town of Hot Springs,Arkansas. Michele loves her craft of making bath and body products and is living her dream of turning her hobby and passion into a rewarding full time career.

After having her shop on Etsy for a few months, Michele decided to step out into the retail world with the encouragement of her husband. She liked the idea of working for herself and she decided to take the risk when a space on Bathhouse Row became available.

Running a business keeps Michele busy, her typical day consists of  opening her shop at 10am, meeting and assisting customers, adjusting her inventory, sending out orders,answering emails and taking care daily operations within her store. When she is not doing all that...she is making her magic in her bath and body laboratory where she is drawing on the days inspiration. Like most creative types, daily life can inspire her colorful bath and body creations.

Bright and cheerful Fruit Striped soap from the Bath Factory
Michelle loves working with soap and feels like each new product carries a little part of her when it leaves her store.  She loves the fact that  The Bath Factory products are available exclusively in her store and that she personally gets to interact with each and every customer, whether they are visiting her store or are buying products off her website or Etsy shop.  She feels that she gives her products a  more personal feel. It gives her satisfaction knowing her customers are completely satisfied.Part of the The Bath Factory's success is because Michele does have this close tie to both the product and her customer. She listens closely to her customers suggestions when developing her products line and her products reflect her unique relationship to her customers.

If  you're in the Hot Springs area you can visit The Bath Factory in Hot Springs
The Bath Factory - 238 Central Ave - Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901
(501) 321-BATH

Visit The Bath Factory on Etsy www.thebathfactory.etsy.com

Shop The Bath Factory Online www.bathfactory.net

To keep updated on the latest products www.facebook.com/thebathfactory


A Trip to Verbena's Bath and Body Shop

Verbena's is a beautiful shop located in Gatlinburg TN

While in Gatlinburg TN, I had the pleasure of visiting Verbena's Bath and Body shop. Verbena's is owned by the lovely Marci Brien. I had the opportunity to visit with Marci and we both had a great time discussing one of our favorite subjects...Handmade Bath & Body. Verbena's carries a wide range of bath and body products from all over the world. I purchased these Sunflower Facial Soaps, very pretty and made with primrose oil.

Solros-Tval Sunflower Facial Soap
Handcrafted Bath Bombs in lots of tantalizing scents.

Verbena's carries a wide range of handcrafted soaps.
Verbena's carries soaps from local soap makers.
Verbena's carries a great line of locally made soaps from Smoky Mountain Lye Soaps. One of their best sellers is their Poison Ivy soap. I purchased 3 soaps from this company and I can tell you they are great! I love the mint soap!! Verbena's also offers custom blended bubble bath, lotions and bath cupcakes! On top of running her shop Marci also makes Verbena's Bath Bomb's and Bath Cupcakes. So if you're in the Gatlinburg area be sure to stop by and visit this great bath and body shop, you'll be sure to find something great!

Owner Marci Brien


Back From The Smokies

We returned back from our Gatlinburg TN trip this weekend. We had a great time with lots to do with the kids.
I'm posting a few pics today from the trip, but tomorrow I will post the GOOD STUFF, like the visits to the soap and crafts stores!! Lots of fun!
The morning of the trip, my husband thinks it's funny taking the NO MAKEUP UNDONE HAIR PHOTO!!

We saw a pizza eating raccoon.
My youngest daughter, getting ready for the water park.

Our cabin as comfy as home, maybe even more!!

The view from the cabin, we we're up there in the mountains!

The front porch

The house where Dolly grew up (Dollywood)